Cohousing communities are intentional, collaborative neighborhoods that combine the value of private homes with the benefits of community and sustainable living. Temescal Creek is a 12 unit retrofit cohousing community that has grown and thrived since its founding in 1999. Each unit has the traditional amenities, including a private kitchen. The yards and outdoor spaces are shared, and the community has a common house.

The outdoor spaces include well-maintained gardens, fruit trees, two patios, a hot tub, a ping pong table, two bike sheds, a tool shed, a swing set, a sand box, a skateboard ramp, and outdoor tables and comfy chairs. The 875-foot common house includes a community kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and a guest room. The community uses consensus decision making and places a high value on collaborative governance. 

There are currently 28 members of the Temescal Creek Cohousing community. Adult members range in age from 20s to 70s. There are currently five school-aged children and several more college students and young adults who grew up at TCC and still participate when they are in town. The community includes single people, married couples, young families, folks with adult children, and retirees. Community members work in a variety of fields, though many work in health care and education. Members find Temescal Creek Cohousing to be a warm and nurturing place to live. Temescal Creek strives to be an inclusive community that respects people for who they are and is committed to the value of diversity. The community is reflecting, as individuals and a group, on our roles in Oakland in a time of tremendous change.

There are community dinners every Wednesday and Sunday. Members are expected to attend dinner once or twice a week as the shared meals are a key time for people to connect. Members help cook the community meals on a rotating basis, participate in monthly work parties, and attend monthly meetings. Community life is vibrant with spontaneous get-togethers and annual events. We look forward to welcoming new neighbors!